Ariete Packbox ARI.126 1 PAR (2st) inkl. Arisil Dammtätning 48 x 58,5/62 x 6/11,5 LAGERRÖJ 100KR RABATT

Mått Y-1 48 x 58,5/62 x 6/11,5 mmAriete fork oil seals are different! The quality of their execution is matched by the unique nature of the material used: the c



Mått Y-1 48 x 58,5/62 x 6/11,5 mm

Ariete fork oil seals are different! The quality of their execution is matched by the unique nature of the material used: the carboxylated elastomer known as XNBR.

This compound offers unique characteristics of resistance to abrasion, to high temperatures, and to the complex lubricants with numerous additives, which are used in modern forks as fitted to motorcycles and scooters.

Over the years, we have discovered the key role of a separating lubricant between the fork tube and the rubber of the seal of the oil seal to reduce to  minimum the surface friction, without affecting the function of the oil seal.

For this reason, every set of ARI FORK OIL SEALS contains a single dose satchet of ARISIL, sufficient to lubricate the two oil seals supplied.


MärkeModellFrån årTill årTilläggsinfo
APRILIAMXV45020102010Dust seal
BETARR250 2T20152017Dust seal
BETARR30020152017Dust seal
BETARR35020142017Dust seal
BETARR39020152017Dust seal
BETARR40020142014Dust seal
BETARR43020152017Dust seal
BETARR45020142014Dust seal
BETARR48020152017Dust seal
BETARR49820142014Dust seal
DUCATI1100 HYPERMOTARD20092009Dust seal
DUCATI1200 MULTISTRADA S20132015Dust seal
GAS GASEC20020142017Dust seal
GAS GASEC25020142017Dust seal
GAS GASEC250F20142014Dust seal
GAS GASEC30020102017Dust seal
GAS GASEC300F20142014Dust seal
GAS GASEC450F20142015Dust seal
GAS GASEC51520092009Dust seal
HONDACRF250R20102014Dust seal
HONDACRF450R20092016Dust seal
HUSABERGFE250 ENDURO20142014Dust seal
HUSABERGFE350 ENDURO20142014Dust seal
HUSABERGFE390 ENDURO20102010Dust seal
HUSABERGFE450 ENDURO20142014Dust seal
HUSABERGFE501 ENDURO20142014Dust seal
HUSABERGFX450 CROSS20102010Dust seal
HUSABERGTE125 ENDURO20142014Dust seal
HUSABERGTE250 ENDURO20142014Dust seal
HUSABERGTE300 ENDURO20142014Dust seal
HUSQVARNACR12520102012Dust seal
HUSQVARNACR25020102012Dust seal
HUSQVARNAFC25020142016Dust seal
HUSQVARNAFC35020142016Dust seal
HUSQVARNAFC45020142016Dust seal
HUSQVARNAFE25020142016Dust seal
HUSQVARNAFE35020142016Dust seal
HUSQVARNAFE45020142016Dust seal
HUSQVARNAFE50120142016Dust seal
HUSQVARNANUDA 900R20122012Dust seal
HUSQVARNATC12520142016Dust seal
HUSQVARNATC25020102016Dust seal
HUSQVARNATC45020102012Dust seal
HUSQVARNATC8520152016Dust seal
HUSQVARNATE12520142016Dust seal
HUSQVARNATE25020102016Dust seal
HUSQVARNATE31020102012Dust seal
HUSQVARNATE45020112012Dust seal
HUSQVARNATE51020112012Dust seal
HUSQVARNAWR12520102012Dust seal
HUSQVARNAWR25020102012Dust seal
HUSQVARNAWR30020102012Dust seal
KAWASAKIKLX450R20082015Dust seal
KAWASAKIKX12520022008Dust seal
KAWASAKIKX25020022008Dust seal
KAWASAKIKX250F20132018Dust seal
KAWASAKIKX450F20062014Dust seal
KTM1190 ADVENTURE20132016Dust seal
KTM125 EXC20012016Dust seal
KTM125 SX20012016Dust seal
KTM1290 SUPER ADVENTURE20162016Dust seal
KTM1290 SUPERDUKE GT20162016Dust seal
KTM150 EXC20092016Dust seal
KTM150 SX20092016Dust seal
KTM200 EXC20022015Dust seal
KTM200 XC-W20042015Dust seal
KTM250 EXC20032015Dust seal
KTM250 EXC-F20082014Dust seal
KTM250 SX20012015Dust seal
KTM250 SX-F20072016Dust seal
KTM250 XC-F-W20082014Dust seal
KTM250 XC-W20082008Dust seal
KTM300 EXC20032015Dust seal
KTM350 SX-F20112016Dust seal
KTM400 EXC20022005RACING/Dust seal
KTM450 EXC20102015Dust seal
KTM450 MXC20022004Dust seal
KTM450 SMR20052014Dust seal
KTM450 SX RACING20022004Dust seal
KTM450 SX-F20072016Dust seal
KTM520 EXC RACING20022007Dust seal
KTM520 EXC RACING20022007RACING/Dust seal
KTM520 MXC20022004Dust seal
KTM520 SX RACING20022004Dust seal
KTM525 MXC20022004Dust seal
KTM525 SX RACING20022004Dust seal
KTM560 SMR20062007Dust seal
KTM640 ADVENTURE LC420012002Dust seal
KTM690 DUKE20082016Dust seal
KTM690 DUKE R20102016Dust seal
KTM690 ENDURO R20102014Dust seal
KTM690 SUPERMOTO20112013Dust seal
KTM950 ADVENTURE20032006Dust seal
KTM950 SUPER ENDURO20072007Dust seal
KTM990 ADVENTURE20072013Dust seal
KTM990 SUPERDUKE R20072013Dust seal
KTM990 SUPERMOTO20112013Dust seal
SHERCOSE-F30020152015Dust seal
SHERCOSE-F450R20152015Dust seal
SHERCOSE25020152015Dust seal
SHERCOSE250 2.5FR20092010Dust seal
SHERCOSE250R20152015Dust seal
SHERCOSE300 3.0FR20092011Dust seal
SHERCOSE450 4.5F20092010Dust seal
SHERCOSE510 5.1F20102010Dust seal
SHERCOSX250 2.5FR20092010Dust seal
SUZUKIDR-Z40020072007Dust seal
SUZUKIRM-Z25020132016Dust seal
SUZUKIRM-Z45020132014Dust seal
TMEN12520052016Dust seal
TMEN14420142016Dust seal
TMEN25020052006Dust seal
TMEN250F20052016Dust seal
TMEN30020052016Dust seal
TMEN450F20052016Dust seal
TMMX12520052006Dust seal
TMMX14420152016Dust seal
TMMX25020052016Dust seal
TMMX250F20052016Dust seal
TMMX30020142016Dust seal
TMMX450F20052016Dust seal
TMMX530F20142016Dust seal
TMSMR450F20052016Dust seal
TMSMX450F20052006Dust seal
TMSMX660F20052006Dust seal
YAMAHAWR250F20052018Dust seal
YAMAHAWR450F20042018Dust seal
YAMAHAYZ12520042019Dust seal
YAMAHAYZ25020042019Dust seal
YAMAHAYZ250F20042023Dust seal
YAMAHAYZ250X20162016Dust seal
YAMAHAYZ450F20042022Dust seal


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