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Shoei X-Spirit 3 racinghjälm mattblack

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X-SPIRIT IIIProfessional racing helmetUsing a helmet at speeds of over 250 km/h can make a vital difference of a tenth of a second and therefore is a critical c

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Professional racing helmet

Using a helmet at speeds of over 250 km/h can make a vital difference of a tenth of a second and therefore is a critical component in the aerodynamic system of rider and machine. The SHOEI X-SPIRIT III, designed for extraordinary aerodynamics and an excellent fitting, provides a minimal air resistance and a maximum decompression of the neck muscles of the driver. With its extremely efficient ventilation the driver’s supply of an adequate amount of cooling air and oxygen even under highest physical strain is ensured.

A 6-layered compound of glass fibers, organic fibers and high-performance fibers builds the foundation of the AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus) of the SHOEI X-SPIRIT III. Together with a polysterine core of several elements differing in their absorption capacity the outer shell gives an optimal crash protection despite the fact that it is a relatively lightweight helmet.
The standard visor with its wide field of vision can be equipped with tear-off sheets common for racetracks. An anti-fog PINLOCK®EVO lens is included in the package of the helmet.
The Double-D chinstrap is easy to adjust and keeps the helmet constantly in its desired position. The EQRS-System (Emergency Quick Release System) allows for an easy and gentle removal off the drivers head in an emergency.

Wearing comfort
With 4 different sizes of the outer shell (XS-S | M | L | XL-XXL) the SHOEI X-SPIRIT III provides an ideal combination of smallest helmet weight and optimal aerodynamics. Thus it reduces strain on the neck muscles noticeably and enables the driver to focus fully on the track for a long time.
The center pad, designed for an extraordinarily effective ventilation, as well as the cheek- and chinstrap padding, with their fast-drying and hypoallergenic quality, are completely removable and washable. The modular center pad can be adjusted perfectly to the individual needs and anatomic conditions.
The three-dimensional, precast cheek pads of the X-SPIRIT III were designed for a firm fit even if it is at top speed whilst crossing the finish straight line.
Varying attachment options of the center and cheek padding allow for variable angles up to 4 degrees on the driver’s head, thus enhancing the vertical field of view even in a hunched over, extremely racy posture.

6 air-inlets provide for enough fresh air, thus enabling the driver to his best possible athletic performance while 6 air-outlets and an aerodynamic underpressure within the helmet enhance the outflow of used air. The innovative cheek-pad ventilation system of the SHOEI X-SPIRIT III offers cooling and drying of the interior down to its lowest area.

The evaluation of countless hours in the company-owned wind tunnel and rounds on racetracks were incorporated in the development of this helmet. The result is an optimal aerodynamics of the X-SPIRIT III providing absolute stability at top speed. The tremendously reduced drag and shaking impact significantly relieves the neck musculature of the driver. With exchangeable rear flaps the motion performance of the helmet is adjustable to different race track profiles.

Optional Parts
For the SHOEI X-SPIRIT III visors of two different types, each in a range of tints and mirror coatings, are available and can be used under consideration of the ECE homologation regulations. On the standard visor CWR-F the helmet is equipped with, tear-off foils for using on race tracks can be attached. Visors of the type CWR-1 are suitable for the X-SPIRIT III as well. In both visor types mist-retarding PINLOCK®EVO lenses can be attached, of which one is included with the helmet.
In the SHOEI spare parts range cheek pads and center pads (elements) in different thicknesses and sizes are available for replacing the original pads or for individual adjustment of the helmet. Just as a chin strap cover, a breath guard, a chin curtain and an air mask.

Included in delivery
The SHOEI X-SPIRIT III comes included with a PINLOCK®EVO lens for using with the visor type CWR-F the helmet is originally equipped with, also with mounting pins for replacement. Furthermore a breath guard, a chin curtain, an attachable chin spoiler for reducing draught and turbulences, a SHOEI logo sticker, an original SHOEI helmet bag for a careful storage of the helmet and a silicon oil for the maintenance of the visor beading and mechanism is included with the original scope of delivery.
The handbook of the helmet, as well as the brochure “How to use your helmet properly” provides useful instructions for use, maintenance and care of your SHOEI X-SPIRIT III.