No Toil luftfilter CRF

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Foam Air Filter


  • Made of flame-laminated dual-layer foam bonded with the highest quality glue to stand up to the roughest and toughest of any style of riding or terrain
  • These filters, used with No Toil foam filter treatment, provide the best air filtration system in the world
  • Fully open-cell structure for highest airflow and maximum protection
  • Heavy-duty glue provides protection from all solvents
  • Wide soft sealing ring for extra protection
  • Flexible seams prevent cracking
  • Original OEM sizes
  • Made in the U.S.A.
HONDACRF 250 R2502003ALL   
HONDACRF 450 R4502003ALL   
HONDACRF 250 R2502004ALL   
HONDACRF 450 R4502004ALL   
HONDACRF 250 R2502005ALL   
HONDACRF 450 R4502005ALL   
HONDACRF 250 R2502006ALL   
HONDACRF 450 R4502006ALL   
HONDACRF 250 R2502007ALL   
HONDACRF 450 R4502007ALL   
HONDACRF 250 R2502008ALL   
HONDACRF 450 R4502008ALL   
HONDACRF 250 R2502009ALL   
HONDACRF 250 X2502004AMERICA31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 250 X2502004EUROPE31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 250 X2502005AMERICA31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 250 X2502005EUROPE31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 250 X2502006AMERICA31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 250 X2502006EUROPE31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 250 X2502007ALL31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 250 X2502008ALL31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 250 X2502009ALL31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 250 X2502010ALL31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 250 X2502011ALL31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 250 X2502012ALL31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 250 X2502013ALL31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 250 X2502014ALL31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 250 X2502015ALL31 KW(42 PS)  
HONDACRF 450 X Enduro4502005ALL41 KW(56 PS)  
HONDACRF 450 X Enduro4502006ALL41 KW(56 PS)  
HONDACRF 450 X Enduro4502007ALL41 KW(56 PS)  
HONDACRF 450 X Enduro4502008ALL41 KW(56 PS)  
HONDACRF 450 X Enduro4502009ALL41 KW(56 PS)  
HONDACRF 450 X Enduro4502010ALL41 KW(56 PS)  
HONDACRF 450 X Enduro4502011ALL41 KW(56 PS)  
HONDACRF 450 X Enduro4502012ALL41 KW(56 PS)  
HONDACRF 450 X Enduro4502013ALL41 KW(56 PS)  
HONDACRF 450 X Enduro4502014ALL41 KW(56 PS)  
HONDACRF 450 X Enduro4502015ALL41 KW(56 PS)

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